10 Stunning Scrap Wood Sculptures

Are you into art and love exploring new mediums? Check out these 10 Stunning Scrap Wood Sculptures that are simply fascinating. These fun wood projects were created by an artist called Waldron. Waldron draws on his spirituality and love of nature and all of the creations of Earth to create beautiful works or art out of drift wood. His website features his driftwood art that he created by collecting driftwood from beaches he explores on his nature adventures. If you have been to a beach with tonnes of driftwood, then surely you can relate to finding beautiful pieces of wood that have been tossed around in the water, smoothed out and shaped into a beautiful work of art on its own. Driftwood is created from the pieces of trees that fall in the water of a river, the ocean or a lake and get washed up on the shoreline of any of these waterfronts. The result is piles of driftwood of all different shapes, sizes and colours laying all over the beach or shore. Driftwood makes for an excellent habitat for many animals especially birds. People also make use of this beautiful wood for lumber and diy wood projects like these ones you see on Waldron 3D's website.

There are so many things to build with wood, and driftwood provides a natural and free resource for beautiful pieces of wood. Even upscale stores like Pottery Barn and the like sell sculptures, candle holders, mirrors and frames that are decorated with driftwood. These driftwood creations make for excellent accessories to add to a beach home or to a home with a beachy decorating scheme. The light and dark greys of the wood suit the cooler tones when decorating a space like blues, greens and whites. Driftwood has become quite popular in households all across America and elsewhere. Much like using old barn wood to make frames and furniture, driftwood is a great way to make use of old wood and recycle instead of purchasing new wood. There are so many diy wood projects and things to build with wood that you can use driftwood for. You can even make some furniture out of pieces of larger driftwood. There are chairs and coffee tables that are made up of pieces of driftwood that are so beautiful.

You can also get inspiration for fun wood projects like the ones that Waldron 3D creates. With some creativity and vision you can create beautiful abstract sculptures like the ones that he creates. Or, if you like his work but don't want to create your own, you can purchase one of his various driftwood sculptures. He has a few on his website that are for sale currently. Many of the sculptures are of horse heads, which would be perfect for the horse enthusiast as well as majestic looking birds like hawks and eagles as well as people's faces and figures. Some of the sculptures are purely abstract which is really cool as well, since the viewer can make up their own meaning for the sculpture. Have a look through the sculptures and see which ones are your favourites. If you are thinking about creating wood art, then these are the perfect example to get your creative juices flowing. The artist has a keen eye for fitting together all of the pieces that make the image and art, which takes a very imaginative mind. It just goes to show that we have so much beauty to behold in nature all around us. What would you create out of driftwood if you got your hands on some?*

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