The Amazing Physical And Mental Rewards Of Horse Riding

Horse City brings us a great story about how horses help make humans healthier. There are a multitude of benefits to both our physical and mental health from regular horseback riding and horse ownership. This article details the myriad of ways that people benefit from their involvement with horses. Many aspects of horse ownership, from cleaning stables, horse grooming and of course riding all have specific health benefits.

Whether you are an out of shape adult, a troubled youth or a person with a physical or mental disability, having a horse in your life could provide some specific benefits to improve your quality of life. The variety of physical activities involved in caring for and riding a horse provide a full body workout, including both cardiovascular fitness and strength training. Horse ownership can actually be an excellent weight loss plan, with none of the hassles of calorie counting or spending hours at the gym. Horses are used as part of various rehabilitation programs for children, adults and veterans with physical, emotional or mental challenges. The therapeutic benefits of horse riding include physical exercise, stress reduction and increased exposure to sunshine and fresh air.

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