These 10 Horses Are So Astronomically Expensive, It's Insane!

If you are a horse aficionado you will likely have watched all the great horse movies, and maybe you even read up in magazines about the different horses out there. Ever wondered what horses are valued at? Well here are The Worlds 10 Most Expensive Horses! People who love horses tend to put their whole heart and soul into loving them. We all love horses generally, but there are people who are horse people who absolutely dedicate their lives to these beautiful animals. These majestic creatures are known to require a lot of care though, and with that high level of care, comes high costs. Did you know that you can get massages for a horse and that they are hundreds of dollars? There is kind of a special club so to speak, of these equine fanatics, and if you can get in, you have a chance to make a lot of money. There is everything from grooming, to health care, to horse shoe fitting, to food, to time to get them trained properly and the list goes on as you can imagine. There is also horse insurance, which can be very costly, so it is no wonder that these horses are worth so much money, plus the money that they make doing various things like movies and television shows or races and horse pageant like shows.

In the movies, there are several favourite and famous horses. Pretty much everyone has heard of or seen the films like “National Velvet,” “The Black Stallion” and “Black Beauty", “Seabiscuit,” and “Shergar.” and “Phar Lap”. There are great horse movies about taming wild horses like “Flicka” and “The Horse Whisperer.” There is also Citation, Seattle Slew, Red Rum, Secretariat, John Henry and Desert Orchid. Man o' War, was a very popular horse at the time of horse race enthusiasts like Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Bobby Jones, Knute Rockne and the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame. But even still, most of these horses are not worth as much as some of the horses you will read about in this list.

Here are the Top Ten Worlds Most Expensive Horses:

#1 Shareef Dancer – $40 million

This is a gorgeous, chocolate coloured, American-bred thoroughbred horse that was stabled in England. The horse won races three times after being entered five times and placing second once.

#2 Annihilator – $19 million

This beautiful horse won three races in 1980, and was considered to have a extremely good pace, which is very highly regarded by race horse owners.

#3 Green Monkey – $16 million

This horse was sold for a world record price at an auction. But he didn't make the cut as far as racing goes unfortunately. But now he is used for breeding.

#4 Seattle Dancer – $13.1 million

A horse that was given the title of one of the most influential thoroughbred in history, because of all of his winnings.

#5 Mystic Park – $5 million

This horse was bought at this price back in the 1980s which was considered a lot of money then for a horse. He went on to win the Dexter Cup, and other titles in his early years.

#6 Pine Chip – $4 million

At the young age of only three, this horse won a number of different competitions including the Transylvania Trot and the Kentucky Futurity.

#7 Sardar – $3.5 million

Sardar was known for setting records, and set 8 records in it's time.

#8 Poetin – $3.3 million

This is a " world class dressage horse" known for their balance and flexibility.

#9 Lord Sinclair – $1.6 million

Another dressage champion, known for its beautiful dancing moves.

#10 Stay Thirsty – $500,000

The horse made more than two million dollars during the corse of it's career and was a wonderful breeding horse as well.

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